I know I've been blogging about this a lot lately, but I want to make a few things clear. It is entirely possible, even probable, that some ACORN employees are guilty of registration fraud. But this does not mean that there was a "conspiracy" to commit registration fraud, and here's why.

If you believe that ACORN is a left leaning group that wants to see a Democrat elected, turning in a bunch of fraudulent forms hurts them rather than helps them. Because of federal ID requirements for first time voters, there's no way for them to take advantage of bad registrations, even if they wanted to. ACORN's best bet for swinging the election is to legally register people to vote. Which is why deliberately flooding states with bad registrations isn't in their interest. They are legally compelled to turn in every filled out registration card they get, so tossing the bad ones isn't even an option.

The question is, who benefits from turning in fraudulent registrations? Two groups actually. The registration workers who are stealing time from their employers by not doing their jobs, and the Republican Party, which has done an incredible job of convincing people that registration fraud is a serious threat to the election. They also benefit from using allegations of registration fraud to push for the use of ineffective and error prone matching criteria to challenge the eligibility of first time voters. By casting doubt on ACORN, they hamper the efforts of a liberal voter registration group that is probably increasing the number of Obama leaning-voters in battleground states.

The only party that doesn't benefit from fraudulent registrations is ACORN.

--A. Serwer

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