Multiculture Club: Videos

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Multiculture Club
"Kids these days" belong to the most diverse generation America has ever had. No wonder they like music that blends sounds from all around the world.

Gogol Bordello, "Not a Crime"

Afrika Bambaataa, "Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun"

Afrika Bambaataa, "Planet Rock"

Talking Heads, "Life During Wartime"

Kanye West, "Stronger"

Cansei de Ser Sexy, "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above"

Ozomatli, "After Party"

Gorillaz, "Feel Good Inc."

Gnarls Barkley, "Smiley Faces"

Shakira, "La Tortura"

M.I.A., "Galang"

M.I.A., "Jimmy"

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