No Country For Marriage-Equality Federalism

Not to be outdone by Rick Perry, Ben Smith reports that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has signed the National Organization for Marriage's pledge to "defend marriage" by supporting a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality (via Igor Volsky):


The last part of the pledge commits Romney to undoing marriage equality in the nation's capital, which would leave the thousands of same-sex couples who have since been married in limbo. Republicans promised to force a referendum on the issue shortly after they took back the House but the effort was abandoned, likely because it would have led to a veto from President Obama. But with a President Romney in the White House, forcing a referendum on the city is a far more likely outcome than a constitutional amendment, given that amending the Constitution is in general a difficult process.

D.C. isn't technically a state, of course, but that's a flimsy reason for Republicans to abandon their supposed commitment to decentralization. They're perfectly fine with using the heavy hand of the federal government to force D.C. to make LGBT rights subject to a show of hands. There's reason to believe that the marriage-equality side could still win a referendum, of course, and even after pumping thousands of dollars into the city and failing to depose a single city council member who voted for marriage equality, NOM still isn't giving up on their dream of destroying families headed by same-sex couples.

The only real marriage equality federalist is President Obama, but understandably so, that's not good enough for his base. 

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