Well, kids, it has once again been real, but it's time for me to go. As always, your comments were thoroughly enlightening and a blast to read. Thanks for putting up with me. Here's hoping Ezra rocked some ass in that pillow fight deal he had going on. They have things like that here in NYC, except instead of pillows, we use hookers.

Anyhow, since you've all been so indulgent of my every rhetorical whim, here's one more. I've written a short, one-act play, and I'd like to share it with you. I entitle it "Now, He Tells Us!" Make some popcorn, grab a loved one, and enjoy:

Now, He Tells Us!
A Short, One-Act Play By Daniel A. Munz

Me: Paul, I have to say, I was a little dismayed by your appointment to head the World Bank.

Paul: Really? Well, fuck you.

Me: Right, of course. But there is one thing that makes me optimistic about your appointment.

Paul: [Silence. Licks comb with anticipation.]

Me: Wow, that’s weird. Anyway, what’s encouraging to me is that your
passion for democratization and development could actually do some good
in the World Bank, as opposed to the Pentagon.

Paul: Actually, it’s funny you say that. I’ve decided not to preach democracy at the World Bank.

Me: [Defenestrates self.]


Happy Easter, everybody!

- Daniel A. Munz