I can't overstate the influence of MSM articles like this one and this one, which finally outright assert that Hillary Clinton's only pathway to the Democratic nomination is through the rather anti-democratic means of using superdelegates to overturn both the popular vote and the pledged delegate count (people have been reading our own Mark Schmitt!). The Obama campaign narrative and the media narrative are beginning to converge on this point. Check out the last 30 seconds of this video of an Obama campaign event last Friday in Salem, Oregon. Asked to explain why, in a nutshell, people should choose him over Clinton, Obama said, "She doesn't believe, I think, in bottom up democracy. And if you don't believe in that, you're not going to change Washington. You'll tinker around the edges, but you're not going to bring the kind of change the American people are desperate for."

Hat tip: Jack and Jill Politics.

--Dana Goldstein

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