ONE MORE PREDICTIONS POST. Is it too late for one more set of dart-throwing educated guesses? As the resident contributor to TAP's Midterm Madness, I feel compelled to embarrass myself with as many wildly inaccurate predictions as my colleagues.

As it turns out, my take is close to Rob, slightly more optimistic than Sam, and right on track with Ezra.

* House: Democrats +23

* Senate: Democrats +5 (wins in OH, PA, RI, MT, and MO; just short in VA, AZ, and TN)

* Governor: Democrats +7 (wins in NY, OH, MA, CO, AR, MN, and MD; just short in NV, ID, FL, and AK)

In terms of unexpected results, I think Idaho will surprise some people with just how well Democrats do today; Michigan's statewide races will not be as competitive as Republicans had hoped; and Rick Santorum, after a bitter farewell address, will announce tomorrow that he's joining Fox News, where he'll co-host a show with Bob Novak called, "If You're Different, You're Wrong." And if, by chance, Democrats fall short, I promise to write, "I will not get my hopes up" 100 times, Bart-like, on a chalkboard.

--Steve Benen