Opposite Day

Sam Rosenfeld, talking about Republicans playing the race card, says:

I’ve yet to hear any conservative offer a principled defense of a tactic that Republican politicians and right-wing pundits have come to use more and more over the years. Nor have I seen enough attention paid, by anybody, to a development that extends beyond the conserve-race card: In a whole array of arenas, conservatives are now the ones most likely to employ a politics of victimhood and grievance -- the persecuted Christian! the intolerant academy! the oppressive elite of blue America! -- to try to foreclose substantive debate over issues and subsume political disputes into zero-sum battles of culture and identity. The conservo-race card is only the most obvious (and obviously cynical) manifestation of this kind of right-wing identity politics.

If it wasn't so corrosive, it'd be really funny. More and more, Republicans have come to embody everything they project onto others. They call liberals big-spenders then blow up the deficits. They tar Democrats for their Hollywood ethos then run campaigns -- sometimes helmed by actors! -- based entirely on sex and war. They stereotype the left as whiny and complaining yet continually assure the majority (be it the white majority or Christian one) that the oppression and discrimination they face is real. They laugh at Democrats for having no new ideas while peddling rejects from three-decade old CATO papers. They decry the race card but can't whip it out fast enough. They demand media balance, condemn media bias, and then fund viciously right-wing outlets. As I said, it'd be amusing, if only it wasn't working.