Paul The Octopus, World Cup Psychic, Receiving Death Threats.


Paul The Octopus, a cephalopod with seemingly remarkable (but not really) powers of clairvoyance in picking the winners of international soccer matches, is receiving death threats after accurately "predicting" that Spain would win the 2010 World Cup, according to CNN.

I'm exceedingly curious as to other examples of what Paul's hate mail looks like. "I'm gonna fry you and eat you with marinara sauce!" "mother#$er, I'm gonna garnish you with parsley!" I'm guessing, though, based on the examples CNN offered in its video segment that this actually isn't all that serious. Paul is reportedly retiring from the oracle life.

Anyway, it's certainly not Paul's fault that the Netherlands played like goons the whole game and then had to play a man down for the last few minutes of the game during which Spain finally scored.


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