Pesky Political Bedfellows

James Dobson, fresh from protecting our children from the persuasive homosexual arguments of aquatic cartoon characters, has turned his attention to bigger, harder, longer fights. Namely, homosexuals (what can I say? The guy's got focus). Along with some Christian superfriends, he's formed The Arlington Group and written Karl Rove a letter promising to sink Social Security privatization private accounts obliteration if Bush doesn't move faster on outlawing his Vice-President's daughter. Dobson has reason to be worried. Bush, of course, famously broke with the party platform and argued that:

"I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do so."

When Charlie Gibson asked if he was disagreeing with the GOP platform, Bush, shooting characteristically straight, replied "Right". Only it seems that his inflection was off. What he meant to do was say "Riiiiight", give a wink and cross his fingers. At least that's what White House spokesperson Trent Duffy seems to think, as he explained Bush's defeatist attitude towards the FMA as a product of Senate conditions, not personal conviction. But does Bush really want to enter a fight Rick Santorum doesn't think he can win? And can he do so while desperately trying to piece together his shattered "spit on FDR" coalition? And does he really want to cross the majority of Americans who find the FMA a waste of everyone's time? And does this remind anyone else of Clinton's first term?

Tune in next week, same Bush place, same Bush channel, for the exciting conclusion to "Term Two: Fools Rush In".