Rallying the Thugs.

From Politico, we see Minnesota governor and likely presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, formerly a mild-mannered guy, get into the spirit of the moment at CPAC:

Less than an hour before Tiger Woods was set to explain himself in a press conference, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty urged conservative activists to follow the golfer’s wife and “take a nine iron and smash the windows out of big government.”

Speaking to an energized crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Pawlenty tried to channel the unrest so prevalent in the grass roots.

“Patriots in this room and patriots across the country are rising up, and we have a message for liberals: If you plan to take our freedoms we will fight back!” Pawlenty exclaimed.

They're shocked, shocked that anyone could listen to their rhetoric and believe that they were trying to encourage violence.

-- Paul Waldman

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