Cavuto pictured with Jeri Thompson

Steve Benen, bouncing off David Kurtz, writes about how Surgeon General Nominee Regina Benjamin's weight, not her rather impressive credentials, has become a focus over at FOX and ABC:

I can't recall ever hearing a comparable "debate" over the physical
characteristics of another recent presidential nominee, but the surgeon
general nominee's weight has somehow, at least according to some,
managed to become a legitimate area of interest.

For whatever it's worth, it seems to me that it's a pretty common
occurrence when a woman or person of color gets a prominent position
that said person suddenly becomes subject to a number of
trivial but superficially "non-race or gender related" objections. I'm hard pressed to remember a time that a man was subjected to similar scrutiny about his weight or appearance.

Neil Cavuto,
pictured above, actually hosted a guest who criticized Benjamin while wearing a t-shirt that
read "no chubbies."

(Flickr/Fred Thompson)

-- A. Serwer

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