Sharia Is Everywhere.

Stephanie Mercimer tries to parse Andy McCarthy's latest attack on Elena Kagan, which is titled:


Hmmm ... Is it just me or does this sound familiar?


I just can't quite...

McCarthy 3.png

Oh. It's almost as though when McCarthy finds someone he doesn't like, he finds a way to draw a connection between them and Sharia.

McCarthy's column is mostly a rehashing of Frank Gaffney's conclusion that the Islamic Finance Project at Harvard Law is a stalking horse for implementing Taliban-style law in the U.S.

Islamic Finance is a growing sector of the global financial system; it's basically a way for Muslims to participate in the finance industry while observing religious prohibitions against certain kinds of financial practices. It's a perfectly reputable field of study for a law school to offer, especially if you're interested in working for a company that is based or does business in the Muslim world.

Despite some early interest from Sen. Jeff Sessions, Republican senators at some point realized that the accusation was ridiculous and failed to raise it in any significant way during the hearings. But in case it isn't obvious, no accusation is too ridiculous for McCarthy, last seen suggesting that President Obama's copious use of drone strikes was -- you guessed it -- part of the larger Islamist conspiracy to implement Sharia all over the world. 

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