Site Stuff and Introducing Steve

I know the quality's been down a bit over the last week. The posts are shorter, there are fewer of them, and I've increased the spelling errors. Apologies all around. Like a good liberal, I'm going to blame it on something, mainly my decision to graduate early. I'm swamped with job applications, course work, and general craziness. The Prospect Fellowship in particular is trial by fire, requiring a 15-page critique of the most recent issue. As George Bush would aver, it's hard work (I'm a bipartisan excuse-maker). So rather than try to complete all this amid blog posting and massive hyperventilation, I'm taking a break this weekend and going to Pismo Beach with the girlfriend, where we will proceed to ignore each other as we madly tap out our respective applications. Should be fun.

As for the site, it'll be hopping, maybe even improved. Rather than leave it dormant, I'm turning it over to my friend (and frequent commentor) Steve Cieslewicz. He was an intern at the Washington Monthly with me, where he penned a great piece on the divisibility of the Hispanic electorate, caught all the copy mistakes I missed, and generally made me look bad. You guys will love him.

As a more general site advisory, this weekend guest-pass is something I plan on doing often. My blogging often pales before your comments, and while I like doing the solo thing, I also like the occasional weekend. So I'm going to start turning it over to different commentors whenever I need the sabbath. Next week, Chris Rasmussen has offered his services, and I'm in talks with others (and mean to talk to others) for future slots. If you want to do it sometime, or nominate someone else to do it sometime, leave it in comments (or e-mail me). Otherwise, have a great weekend, be nice to Steve, and forget me not.