Slow and Low (That Is the Tempo)

President Obama might not be a “teflon president” like Ronald Reagan, but it’s fair to say that his approval ratings have been resiliant in the face of political adversity. Despite the poor economy, the public’s disgust with Washington, and his own missteps, Obama has maintained job approval ratings in the low-to-mid 40s, with only a few dips under 43 percent support. Even still, when compared to historical figures, Obama is at the low end of approval for presidents in their third year. Here is Gallup with more:

Obama is a stones’ throw from Jimmy Carter territory, which doesn’t bode well for his reelection campaign. With that said, we’re a year away from the election, and a good deal can change over the next year. But something tells me that come November, we’ll be in one of the scenarios that Nate Silver outlined last month, where economic growth is stagnant, Obama’s approval is low, and the GOP is riding a wave of enthusiasm.