Spencer's (Still) Tenuous Evidence.

Robert Spencer, the professional anti-Muslim activist who has been working to oppose the construction of an Islamic center near Ground Zero and a Mosque in Staten Island, takes issue with several of the claims I made in my post last week.

I'll just start with the easiest claim Spencer disputes, that his colleague Pamela Geller -- who recently had the Paypal links on her site removed because the company started to view her site's hysterical Islamophobic content as hate speech -- once "published speculation on her blog that Barack Obama was the illegitimate son of Malcolm X." Geller defends herself by stating that she wasn't the author of the post and that it interested her "principally as part of the writer's documentation that [Obama's mother] Stanley Ann Dunham could not have been where the Obama camp says she was at various times." (Because, apparently, she could have been off shtupping Malcolm X.) Geller found the piece's claims plausible enough to publish on her blog, which isn't any less embarrassing than being the author. Since I didn't accuse her of writing the piece, I'm not sure what Spencer is attempting to "disprove" here. In case it needs mentioning, Geller is a birther, which for some reason doesn't bother Spencer either. Then again, Spencer and Geller have trouble finding friends at CPAC so maybe he's just not very choosy.

Spencer also claims that the link he posted to an Investigator Project on Terrorism report on the Muslim American Society works. (On Friday, I erroneously attributed the report to Spencer, it is a product of the IPT.) It does now. It didn't on Friday, and since I figured that Spencer was the type of person who would retroactively fix the link and then claim nothing had been wrong in order to cast doubt on my honesty, I saved a screenshot of the link not working:


I actually think this tells you just about everything you need to know about Spencer, frankly.

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