Standing Up for the 11th Commandment

The Romney campaign has hit South Carolina with a new television ad:

Romney is doing well in South Carolina, with 29 percent support among voters to Newt Gingrich’s 25 percent, but not so well that he doesn’t feel the heat from his competitors. This ad, in particular, is a sign that Romney is worried about the effect of the Republican attacks on his record at Bain. And rightfully so; while Republican elites are happy to support the financial interests of the wealthy, actual Republican voters are fairly amenable to raising taxes on the rich.

It’s very clear that Romney is trying to divert attention away from the substance of the attacks and toward a sense that Gingrich and Rick Perry (who has accused Romney of “vulture capitalism”) are not “team players.” Judging from the non-response that both candidates have received for their attacks—and considering how eager South Carolina Republicans are to beat Obama—this is probably a good approach.