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If the economy continues to improve, and the chief rationale for Romney’s candidacy dissolves, then you should expect to see more Republicans credit the recovery to President Bush.

Voters think that politicians, particularly Republicans, spend too much time talking about religion.

As the backer behind a Democratic Super PAC, Paul Begala is obviously not disinterested, but he makes a smart point in defense of negative advertising: “Imagine if we had Cola Day once every four years – and you were stuck with your choice for those four years. Coke would say Pepsi makes you fat; Pepsi would counterattack that Coke makes you impotent. And they’d go downhill from there.”

In case you missed it, Jeb Bush endorsed Romney for president today. Even still, I don’t expect that this will put an end to these primaries.

A hilarious, and timely, bit from Mr. Show: