Supposedly Anti-White DoJ Monitoring Primary Elections In Noxubee

Just a reminder: As I noted earlier this month, the voting section of the Justice Department is sending election observers to the primaries in Noxubee County Mississippi today, where the Bush administration filed a case on behalf of white voters under Section 11(b), the same part of the Voting Rights Act used to secure an injunction against the New Black Panthers. At the time, Noxubee was the first voting rights case ever filed on behalf of white voters.

Now, a key part of the conservative narrative in the NBPP case was that the Obama administration would not intervene to protect white voters. Aside from the fact that last year the voting section requested that the injunction against the individual in that case, Ike Brown, be extended, they are now sending election observers to Noxubee, with the implied purpose of making sure white voters aren't being disenfranchised.

The allegations of anti-white racial bias in the narrowing of the NBPP case were debunked by an internal report by the Justice Department. But the broader allegations of anti-white bias don't have any foundation in reality either.

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