TAP: AS BAD AS SCOTT BEAUCHAMP. Who, it turned out, wasn't actually so bad. But such trivial details do not hinder bastions of conservative intellect like the National Review's blog from denigrating another liberal source: The American Prospect. In fact. "As the Beauchamp scandal winds down," Michael Rubin writes, "it's important to realize that outright fabrication for the sake of politics is not uncommon." Apparently Mark Goldberg made fun of him in The Prospect a few years ago. Being a tad sensitive, Rubin claims that "his lack of integrity marks any publication for which he writes." Then there's some bit about Robert Dreyfuss and a strange line where he calls TAP "advocacy journalism" in a derogatory tone. Peculiar, since the last I recall, NR doesn't exactly claim objectivity.

UPDATE: Goldberg defends himself here.

--Steven White