Things You Can Say About Muslims.

Well this seems like a rather anti-Semitic editorial from the Washington Times:

Judaism's meager contribution to human technological advancement is no accident. In his new book "The Closing of the Jewish Mind," former Voice of America director Robert Reilly describes the brief flourishing of intellectualism in Jewish Spain 1,000 years ago before it was brutally suppressed by religious extremists. They imposed a continuing Jewish orthodoxy that is hostile to rational thought and to the scientific method. ... The small number of discoveries credited to that part of the world since the Middle Ages came principally from conquered peoples.

Oh wait, my bad. The Times wasn't talking about Jews; they were talking about Islam and Muslims in reaction to the head of NASA visiting the Middle East in order to foster "technological outreach," so this kind of open bigotry is somehow completely acceptable.

On its face, the argument is ridiculous -- even accepting the premise that Islamic cultures haven't contributed anything since the Middle Ages, what the Times is saying is that if you just avoid the millennium or so during which Islamic culture helped develop advanced math, then they've never contributed anything to human technological advancement.

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