Today in Needless Mendacity

Immediately after the jobs numbers were released, the Romney campaign put out an email to highlight President Obama’s “broken promises on jobs.” The problem, as has often been the case with Romney’s rhetoric, is that the argument is built on outright falsehoods. For example:

During President Obama’s Time In Office, The Nation Has Lost 572,000 Jobs And The Unemployment Rate Has Increased To 8.1%.

The campaign cites a chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which does indeed show that the unemployment rate increased to over 8 percent in January 2009. But any honest description would describe that as hangover from the previous month, when the economy had collapsed. To attribute the job losses of early 2009 to the president is to completely mislead voters with a false picture of Obama’s first year. It’s not a huge point, but it is an example of the mendacity that has defined Romney’s campaign up to this point.