Welcome Gene Demby, Guest Blogger for the Week.

Please welcome Gene Demby, who will be guest-blogging for TAPPED this week:

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Gene Demby, the founder of a blog called PostBourgie. PB was founded because I found that so many online discussions about the issues affecting "black life" in America --- education, crime, family, the towering wackness of, say, Soulja Boy --- often devolved into unhelpful, self-congratulatory sermons that oversimplified complicated issues. Since I started that little venture a few years back, my talented blogmates and friends have been picked off by various progressive new media outfits, of which The American Prospect is probably the most egregious offender. So here I am, standing athwart history, yelling: me too!

I'm honored that the smart, sharp folks at TAPPED are letting me pinch-hit for a spell. I'll try not to drink all the cranberry juice.

-- Gene Demby