We're Fair and Balanced Too!

MSNBC is hosting a panel discussion on Social Security, specifically the president's new coupling of private accounts and a payroll tax raise. The panel is:

• Joe Scarborough, host and former Republican Congressman;

• Hugh Hewitt, conservative radio host/blogger;

• Dennis Prager, conservative writer;

• Rachel Maddow, host on Air America.

That's a 3 to 1 conservative advantage and, I wouldn't say this if it weren't true, Maddow is wiping the floor with them. She nailed the fiscal irresponsibility of privatization so hard that Hewitt was forced down to justifying it on the grounds that black people die sooner. Scarborough's response?

"You're worried about blacks. I'm worried about blacks. But I'm worried about all Americans, and I don't want to see their taxes raised."

Not only is MSNBC fair and balanced, they're humanitarians, too.