What About Promotional Flashlights and S'mores?

I really like James Wolcott's idea for a weekly Air America show about Bush-based conspiracies. But it'd have to be done right. A shrill show with unlikely sounding tales repeated breathlessly by a too-dramatic host would be no good, it'd make liberals look nuts. But a show with a slightly incredulous host, who could deal with the theories in a skeptical but respectful manner could be very effective.

God knows the material is there; even those of us who dismiss most of the tales can't but shake our heads at the appearance of total impropriety and desperate secrecy the Bushies seem dead-set on achieving. And simply giving those connections free reign -- letting hardcore viewers believe the conspiracies while most are unpleasantly surprised by the skull-and-daggers mask so often worn by this administration -- would be an interesting show, not to mention the good it'd do by promoting some of these stories into the mediastream. Add in some laughs through a sane-everyman-in-a-world-gone-mad host, and you've got a good program.