What Makes TAP Different?

TAP_lg_button.jpgIf you read TAPPED, you ought to be donating or subscribing to The American Prospect. There's no such thing as a free lunch! But in case that's not enough to move you, here are five more reasons to give to TAP:

1. We let our writers tweet.

2. We started the careers of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Josh Marshall. And by reading TAP now, you can say you knew Adam Serwer and Tim Fernholz (and me!) way back when.

3. We care about labor issues. Most newspapers and newsweeklies no longer cover organized labor. Here at TAP, our expertise and commitment are unmatched. Read Harold Meyerson, Dean Baker, and our recent special report, "Decent Work, Living Wages."

4. We are feminist. Other publications have a women's-only blog. At TAP, we're 100 percent integrated, 100 percent of the time.

5. We take public policy seriously. We aren't Politico. When you read TAP, you actually come away with a deeper understanding of why the public option matters, the latest strategies for combating poverty, and what's really behind the hype of education reform.

Please help us continue this important work -- there simply isn't any other magazine like The American Prospect.

--Dana Goldstein

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