What to Read Before You Unwonk Tonight

  • Mitt Romney is a veritable scholar of the evil art of flip-flopping. His definitive lecture on the subject can be found here (and here is an example of Mitt Romney practicing the witchcraft of which he speaks). He is also an influential expert on the art of not taking a stance at all, as evidenced in pundits think that his intellect is the source of his campaign woes and missteps, instead of the fact that he’s just really boring and super politiciany.
  • The more time voters spend with Romney, the less they like him. The more time politicians spend with Newt Gingrich, the more they realize he's the worst ever.
  • And if anyone needs help figuring out Gingrich is the worst ever, here are some helpful lists.
  • The more time the White House spends with this chart, the more they realize how much of a love-hate relationship they have with it.
  • Stop comparing the 2008 Democratic primary to this year’s. They’re not the same. This year's is just a bunch of old white dudes. #fail. There are other reasons too, apparently.
  • Oh no! If it doesn’t rain on Election Day, Obama might lose! However, perhaps this logic could prove that good weather is Obama’s friend if the Occupy movement decides to support the incumbent.
  • BREAKING: Something most sane people think is stupid, Karl Rove agrees is stupid!
  • Famous people in history Newt Gingrich would invite to dinner, because they’re the only ones who can keep up with his biting wit.




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