Who Gets Paid in a Shutdown?

Don't pay the trashman, just the ones who make the mess. Nicholas Kristof raises the point in his op-ed that members of Congress will continue to get paid while federal workers that make tangible contributions to our daily lives won't.

The upshot is that federal workers who do important work for the public — cleaning up toxic waste, enrolling sick people into lifesaving medical trials, answering medical hot lines, running national parks, processing passport applications — risk being sent home and going unpaid. But members of Congress would continue to receive $174,000 a year. As the humorist Andy Borowitz wrote in a Twitter message: “That’s like eliminating the fire dept & sending checks to the arsonists.”

The fact that Congress should be collecting a paycheck for not coming to an agreement while federal workers are sent home without getting paid is ridiculous. Who needs the salaries and who needs the services?
I'm guessing most of the public wouldn't side with their congressman.