Who Let the Liberals Out?

Don't buy into the mainstream media's propaganda about how the recent transfer of power in Washington was remarkable for its lack of violence. That ignores the mobs of bloodthirsty liberals rampaging through the nation's capital, ready to hoist the heads of innocent conservatives on newly sharpened pikes.

Or at least that's how the sensitive souls on the right see things. It's not just that mean liberals are hurting people's feelings. They're out for blood. The violence started even before George W. Bush's inauguration, when liberals went after Linda Chavez, his choice for labor secretary. "I think they smell blood in the water, and I think they got her scalp a little too easily," conservative activist Paul Weyrich told The New York Times after Chavez stepped down because she was found out to be too kind to immigrants. To Chavez it was more like an execution than a scalping: "There were a lot of people gunning for me because of my views, and in not being more forthcoming, and maybe in letting Marta [Mercado] live with me, I handed them the bullet." The right vowed not to let former Senator John Ashcroft, the most incendiary Bush cabinet nominee, be the next victim. "Anyone who thinks that the left's blood lust will be slaked by Chavez's withdrawing [is] wrong," warned conservative strategist Grover Norquist.

And right-wing writer David Horowitz put the events in perspective: "The coalition that has geared up to misrepresent, tar and feather Bush's conservative nominees is exactly the same lynch mob that conducted the campaign of character assassination against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas 10 years ago." Others noted that even before Thomas famously objected to his "high-tech lynching," another nominee to the high court, Robert Bork, had been run out of town by what he identified as a liberal "lynch mob."

"Republicans never see the lynch mobs coming, in part because they aren't in the habit of lynching Democratic nominees," observed The Boston Globe's conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby. But that overlooks the fact that columnist William Murchison of The Dallas Morning News had warned as far back as December that "practiced eyes could spot an old-fashioned lynch party in the making" as liberals geared up to keep Ashcroft from being chosen as attorney general.

Never see the mobs coming? Don't worry, conservative brethren and sistren! Your alertness to the murderous intent behind what may look (to the average person) like mere political opposition has never been more feverish! And take heart: George W. Bush is now on the scene to "change the tone" in Washington.