Will the Real Citizens United Please Stand Up?

CPAC, DC—The Citizens United case is back in the news this week with the Obama campaign's announcement that they would coordinate to help raise funds with the super PAC Priorities USA. As the presidential campaign ramps up, it's easy to forget what the actual Citizens United organization is: a mini-film studio with a conservative bent.

The group is all over CPAC this week, airing their films in the CPAC Theatre, hosting a blogger briefing Wednesday, and sponsoring a panel Thursday morning titled "Advancing the Pro-Life Movement through Media.” And of course, they also have a booth selling DVDs of their various films in the CPAC vendor basement.

(The American Prospect/Patrick Caldwell)

Citizens United displays its greatest hits.

I caught up with the group to see which films had sold the most copies in the conservative crowd. "The Gift of Life is always very popular," the young woman selling DVDs told me, mentioning their film featuring Mike Huckabee relaying various inspirational stories on why abortion is among the greatest evils.

But after checking with her coworkers, she had a different conclusion for day one's most popular film: Hillary the Movie. That one might sound familiar; it's the film that got the group initially in trouble and had them hauled in front of the Supreme Court. Was fond reverence for that victory the cause for the spike in sales among the CPACers? Seemed like it. "About 90 percent of the people are like, 'yeah! Citizens United v. FEC!"