Aaron Wiener

Aaron Wiener is a freelance journalist living in Berlin and a special correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

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Austerity Über Alles

Germany's insistence on belt-tightening during the recession stems from a fear of history repeating itself.

BERLIN, GERMANY —Score another one for Angie. Last night in Brussels, the leaders of 25 of the 27 European Union countries agreed to become more like Germany. Not in so many words, of course. There was talk of spurring growth, creating jobs, and liberalizing trade. But at the heart of the pact was the so-called debt brake. Modeled on Germany’s own 2009 Schuldenbremse , which imposed a tight cap on federal and state deficits, the debt brake compels participating eurozone countries to keep their structural deficits under 0.5 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP). The 25 countries that signed on—that is, every EU country but non-eurozone Britain and the Czech Republic—are now expected to write language into their national constitutions codifying the deficit limit, with violators to be hauled before the European Court of Justice, which can fine member countries as much as 0.1 percent of their GDP. The fiscal pact is a major victory for German Chancellor...