Adam Shatz

Adam Shatz is literary editor of The Nation. He has worked at the New York Times Book Review, Lingua Franca and The New Yorker. He edited Prophets Outcast: A Century of Dissident Jewish Writing About Zionism and Israel.

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The Thernstroms in Black and White

That's our dear friend Clarence, whom we adore," Abigail Thernstrom said, proudly showing me the framed photograph of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that hangs above the fireplace in the office she shares with her husband, Harvard University historian Stephan Thernstrom. She added mischievously: "It's there to make reporters faint." Abigail Thernstrom, a fellow at the right-wing Manhattan Institute and one of America's most influential conservative intellectuals, had been talking to a lot of reporters that week, frantically "doing press" for another "dear friend"--Linda Chavez, whom George W. Bush had nominated to be his labor secretary. Just a few days before I arrived at the Thernstroms' red colonial house in Lexington, Massachusetts, Chavez had withdrawn her nomination, under fire for hiring an illegal immigrant in her home. Abigail Thernstrom, who serves on the board of Chavez's Center for Equal Opportunity , an anti-affirmative action "research group" in Washington, was...