Adele M. Stan

Adele M. Stan is a columnist for The American Prospect. She is research director of People for the American Way, and a winner of the Hillman Prize for Opinion & Analysis Journalism.

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Warren Silenced: The Patriarchy Strikes Back

Senate TV via AP
There’s nothing the patriarchy hates more than a woman who’s got a point to make, especially a powerful point to make against the man the white patriarchy means to install in the highest law-enforcement office in the land. And the patriarchy really is not down with the fact that the point was originally made by a black woman, one of the most revered civil rights activists in modern history. On Tuesday, when Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, read the words of Coretta Scott King from the Senate floor—words originally written in opposition to the 1986 nomination of Republican Jeff Sessions, currently the U.S. senator from Alabama, to the federal bench—Republicans invoked an arcane rule to shut down Warren’s speech and send her back to her seat. Warren’s remarks last night were offered in opposition to the nomination of Sessions to the position of attorney general. Citing Senate Rule XIX , Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell...

How to Build a Winning Progressive Infrastructure

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When you’re in the midst of multiple constitutional crises , it’s hard to focus on the future. But without that focus on the part of progressives and liberals, the fate of the republic looks bleak. Donald Trump may not have been the dream candidate of right-wing leaders, but in the end, they deemed him close enough. For that, they’re being richly rewarded. In the course of a week, the religious right has gotten nearly everything its leaders ever longed for , short of overturning Roe v. Wade , the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion. But they seem confident, given the president’s pick of Neil Gorsuch to the high court bench, that it’s just a matter of time—four, maybe eight, years before that aim is achieved. The people around Trump know that the reality star’s ascent to the highest office in the land could not have happened without the political infrastructure built by the right over the course of the last 40 years. The Tea Party...

Hold the Mansplaining: The Resistance Is Being Led by Women

(Photo: Sipa USA via AP/Albin Lohr-Jones)
The contrast couldn’t have been greater: a soulless inauguration ceremony, full of foreboding and lacking in poetry, followed by an outpouring of spirited protesters, most of them women, into the streets of cities and towns across the United States and throughout the world. Millions of them. That the Women’s March on Washington drew far more people to the nation’s capital on Saturday than did Friday’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump clearly irked the new president, who sent his press secretary to the White House press room to issue a statement condemning the media for stating the simple fact that a modest numbers of Trump supporters made the trek to Washington for the showman’s swearing-in, especially when compared with the two inaugurations that preceded his. If Trump hoped to deflect attention from the women’s marches taking place nationwide, he failed. But he did throw yet another shiny object before the media, one they had no choice but to chase...

It's the Misogyny, Stupid

Trump's election threw the long-standing sexism of white America into stark relief. 

Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa via AP Images
This article appears in the Winter 2017 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . Many are the reasons—and I don’t think we know them all yet—why Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race to Donald J. Trump, despite having won the popular vote by at least 2.8 million. Aside from the peculiarities of the Electoral College, there’s Russian hacking, Trump’s stoking of racial resentment amid his mostly white base, his mastery of the media and the news cycle, the media’s engagement in false equivalencies between controversial aspects of each campaign, and the Clinton campaign’s own missteps. There’s a lot to sort out. But misogyny in white America belongs at the top of the list. Misogyny knows no boundaries of color or culture; you can pretty much expect to find it in any society where men are running the show, and even where women have some power. Of course, Trump ran a nationalist campaign aimed at white people...

In the Age of Trump, Resistance Requires Creativity

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Since the shock of election night, and the ongoing tremors of scandal and shenanigans surrounding or promulgated by President-elect Donald J. Trump and his transition team, liberals and progressives in the institutional left have struggled with how to respond. So has most of America, which awards Trump the lowest approval numbers ever for an incoming president, yet is not yet appalled enough to kick up a fuss. As Trump made clear in his carnival show of a press conference, he intends to maintain power by continuing to break the norms of such institutions as the free press—and society at large . Institutions operate on the assumption of long-held norms. So does society. But artists, less so. Artists generally function in an individualistic way, but not detached from institutions of power. Their communities are loosely organized, but are able to assemble quickly when a need to do so arises. With creativity as the coin of their realm, they have a knack for drawing attention and...