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The Good Guys

On July 5, John Edwards slipped into a high-rise at One Boston Place to greet some of his and John Kerry's top contributors among plaintiffs' attorneys. At the offices of Robinson & Cole, Edwards shook hands with Alex MacDonald, a partner there who had helped raise $600,000 for the campaign. Much of the crowd was in Boston for the annual convention of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA). Edwards told his choir that plaintiffs' lawyers were on the front lines of a war, defending everyday Americans from corporate fraud, dangerous drugs, deadly doctors, and toxic waste in school kids' drinking water. Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts, standing in the invitation-only crowd, cheered. It was, MacDonald said later, a fantastic speech, "reminding all of us why we do what we do -- that we are the good guys." Most of America has not heard that speech, or anything like it. According to several political analysts, Democratic and Republican, Edwards has, with some...