Alon Levy

Based in Paris, Alon Levy is an affiliate scholar with the Marron Institute of Urban Research at New York University. Levy blogs about public transportation at Pedestrian Observations and has published articles about transit at Vox, Curbed, CityLab, and a variety of trade and local magazines.

Recent Articles

Flagging Down Driverless Buses

Automated buses are already operating in some communities, but they may be on an even slower road to widespread adoption than headline-grabbing driverless cars.

Public transit systems have run driverless trains for decades. The first fully driverless train network, Vancouver's SkyTrain in western Canada, has been in operation since 1985. The Paris urban transit system has automated its oldest and busiest Metro line and plans to automate about half the subway system by 2050. Yet in the United States, transit automation is years behind Europe where driverless trains mostly connect airport terminals. Automated buses are already operating in some communities. But when American cities have green-lighted the technology, the results have been uneven: A November accident in Las Vegas involving the first automated bus for public use in the U.S. raised still more questions about whether the technology is ready to hit the road. Some private companies launch relatively untested technology, hoping to spearhead innovation by being the first to deploy an invention. But without a tight regulatory regime in place (and in the U.S., the technology is miles...