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Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux is a freelance writer and a former writing fellow at the Prospect.

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Daily Meme: The Flood Will Not Be Televised

You might think, given the country's general secular drift, that Bible epics would not be Hollywood's latest cash cow. And you would, of course, be wrong. This year, no less than four movies (loosely) based on Biblical stories will appear in theaters near you. The deluge began last month with Son of God , a feature-length version of the "The Bible" miniseries (without the Satan character that just happened to look like our president ). An Old Testament story is up next. The trailer for Noah , which first aired during the Super Bowl, looks like your average apocalypse flick, except everyone is wearing scruffy linen tunics. There's thunder, flying mud, the occasional fireball, lots of monsters, and— in lieu of Jesus's flowing locks —some truly spectacular facial hair . This week, The New Yorker profiled Noah 's director, Darren Aronofsky (of Black Swan fame), who proudly declared that his upcoming film is the "least Biblical Biblical movie ever made." In Aronofsky's vision,...

The Last Rural Abortion Clinics in Texas Just Shut Down

AP Images/Pat Sullivan
Since November, the last abortion clinics in East Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, some of the poorest and most remote parts of the state, have been hanging on by their fingernails. The two clinics, both outposts of a network of abortion providers called Whole Woman’s Health, stayed open with slimmed-down staffs while their owner, Amy Hagstrom Miller, struggled to comply with the first chunk of HB2—the voluminous anti-choice law passed by the Texas legislature last summer—which requires abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital. Today, after weeks of failed negotiations with nearby hospitals, Hagstrom Miller announced that both clinics are closing their doors. The clinics in Beaumont, about an hour east of Houston, and McAllen, just north of the Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley, were the last rural abortion providers left in Texas. Between July, when HB2 passed, and November, when the admitting privileges requirement went into effect,...

Daily Meme: Vladimir Putin is Delusional Like a Fox

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, while you were still blissfully asleep, Russia's president and tiger-fighter-in-chief , Vladimir Putin, gave a strange, rambling press conference. In it, he insisted to reporters that there were no Russian troops on the ground in Crimea , and likened U.S. foreign policy to a dark science experiment. "They sit there across the pond as if in a lab running all kinds of experiments on the rats," he said. “Why would they do it? No one can explain it.” The strange remarks prompted immediate speculation about the state of Putin's mental health. A few days ago, the New York Times reported that Angela Merkel had tried—and failed—to talk sense into Putin, concluding that the world leader is "in another world. " Julia Ioffe says that Merkel is right—Putin has lost his marbles . But is dealing with Putin really, as Mark Halperin claims, like "playing Russian roulette" ? Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates is "amused" by the...

The Doctor Is Out

Conservative governors are pushing abortion politics onto health boards—and threatening doctors’ independence on other medical issues.

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On a Friday evening in June 2012, Jim Edmondson walked out of a meeting room in a sprawling government conference center north of Richmond, Virginia, and into a jostling scrum of reporters. “They were asking me questions with all these microphones in my face,” he says. “It was a shock to see so many media people.” In Edmondson’s eight-year tenure as a consumer advocate on the Virginia Board of Health, he could count on one hand the number of times he’d looked up and seen even a single newspaper reporter in the room. State regulatory boards’ proceedings rarely catch the public’s eye, and the health board was no exception. The members approve most regulations unanimously; the most dramatic issue they’d handled during his time, Edmondson says, was a decision about where companies should be allowed to dump solid waste. Although the governor controls appointments to the board, Edmondson, a real-estate developer who had served on a...

Daily Meme: The Collapse of Bitcoin, the Online Currency You Never Fully Understood

Yesterday, Mt. Gox, the world's largest trading platform for bitcoins—the virtual currency that started circulating online in 2009— suddenly went blank . Bitcoin prices crashed. Bitcoin enthusiasts insisted that this was merely a minor hiccup on the currency's path to world domination . For those of us who are not immersed in this confusing online culture, the collapse of the Tokyo-based Mt. Gox raised a lot of questions. Such as, what is a Bitcoin , and how can a virtual currency go bankrupt ? Why were people investing in a currency that is "like Tinkerbell: if people stop clapping, it's going to die" ? Although you might not be directly affected by this blow to the Bitcoin economy, many others are watching the trembling of Mt. Gox with alarm. Criminals , for example. Last fall, when the federal government shut down a huge online drug emporium that took Bitcoin as a form of currency , it suddenly became apparent that Bitcoin was a great way for people to sell illegal...