Ameya Pawar & Aisha Nyandoro

Ameya Pawar is an alderman in the city of Chicago and Aisha Nyandoro is the CEO of Springboard to Opportunities in Jackson, Mississippi. Both are leading local guaranteed income projects. 

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Guaranteeing More Equitable Incomes

How rational and equitable tax reform could help millions of Americans thrive

It’s no revelation that Americans are living in a time of extreme divisiveness in our national politics. One party controls most of the government, and yet action out of Washington is slow to be seen, much less felt, by the American people. At these times of intense polarization among federal leaders the adage “all politics is local” comes into sharp relief. While what’s happening in Congress or the White House can feel a million miles away, voters are concerned with what’s going on in their states, their cities, their communities, their neighborhoods. A wide swath of the American public sees the same thing: The costs of living and housing rise, yet their incomes don’t. This imbalance is felt even more acutely in communities of color, where there is a higher likelihood that residents work lower-paying jobs while already struggling with a wide income and wealth gap . That’s why we were inspired to develop pilot programs in our respective cities...