Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni is the author of the recently published book The New Golden Rule: Community and Morality in a Democratic Society (BasicBooks) and is University Professor at George Washington University.

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Controversy: The Virtues of Humiliation

Continuing the debate from "The Shaming Sham," by Carl F. Horowitz (March-April 1997).

Continuing the debate from " The Shaming Sham ," by Carl F. Horowitz (March-April 1997). Dear Dr. Horowitz : After reading your commentary on public shaming [" The Shaming Sham ," TAP , March-April 1997], I realized that to engage in an intelligent debate on this topic, we first need to distinguish shaming from honorable forms of argumentation. I hope that you'd agree that it is shameful to point to one attribute shared by two parties, and then blame the second party for the various failings of the first. Thus, it is wrongheaded to accuse liberals of being commies just because both shared a concern for the downtrodden. Likewise, it is quite unacceptable for Stephen Holmes to taint communitarians with the sins of authoritarians just because both groups are critical of liberals, as he does in his book Anatomy of Antiliberalism . Of course, if you agree with me on the above two examples, then surely you will see the ironic flaw of your essay: You have written a tirade against shaming in...