Andrew Greeley

Andrew Greeley is a catholic preist, sociologist and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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The Tocqueville Files: The Other Civic America

Despite fears of civic decline, the United States remains the country with the highest rate of volunteering. The explanation may be America's web of religious affiliations.

Editors' Note: Is civic life in decline? Just over a year ago, we published Robert Putnam's " The Strange Disappearance of Civic America " ( TAP , Winter 1996), which led to much discussion in our pages and elsewhere. Concern about civic decline has now become a staple of public rhetoric. But was the problem accurately diagnosed in the first place? In this issue, we publish two important contributions to the debate. Andrew Greeley argues that by one measure — volunteering — Americans continue to have higher rates of participation than do citizens of other countries; he argues that Americans' stronger religious affiliations explain the difference. And in " The Big Tilt : Participatory Inequality in America," Sidney Verba, Kay Lehman Schlozman, and Henry E. Brady argue that what matters is not just how many participate, but who they are. In the United States, class disparities are more pronounced than elsewhere and, by some measures, are increasing. But, contrary to Father...