Andrew Levison

Andrew Levison is the author of three books and numerous articles on working Americans and a contributing editor at The Democratic Strategist. His latest book is The White Working Class Today: Who They Are, How They Think and How Progressives Can Regain Their Support.   

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Winning (Some) Middle-of-the-Road Working-Class Whites

White working-class voters differ not just in “what they think” but in “how they think.” Understanding this difference is the key to creating a successful Democratic strategy for regaining their support.

(Photo: AP/Lathan Goumas/News & Daily Advance)
wwc_icon2.jpg Looking at the details of the 2016 election, one can argue that any alternative strategy may have offered a plausible scenario for a Democratic victory. A different candidate, better advertising and voter targeting, better basic messaging and platform—changing any one of these factors can very convincingly be argued to have been sufficient to reverse the outcome. But if one steps back and looks at the 2016 election in a longer-term perspective, the most important conclusion is that after 16 years and five presidential elections, Democrats have profoundly failed to expand the sociological base of their coalition. The geographic and demographic profile of Hillary Clinton’s support in 2016 looks almost identical to the contours of Al Gore’s support in 2000. The Democratic coalition remains based on almost exactly the same “McGovern coalition” of minorities, youth, single women, and educated professionals that Ruy Teixeira and John Judis...