Angela Peoples & Mariah Montgomery

Angela Peoples is the Campaign Director for the Action Center for Race and the Economy (ACRE)

Mariah Montgomery is a Campaign Director for the Partnership for Working Families

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Amazon to Seattle: The Housing Crisis Is Not Our Problem

If this is how Amazon treats its first hometown, what does that mean for cities competing for its new headquarters? 

The cities on Amazon’s HQ2 shortlist should keep their eyes on Seattle in the coming days for a preview of the havoc the company is willing to wreak on its neighbors. On Monday, the Seattle City Council is set to vote on an employee-hour tax (EHT). The measure would raise $75 million a year to help the city battle its ever-deepening housing and homelessness crisis. The EHT would require businesses grossing $20 million year or more in Seattle to pay 26 cents for every Seattle employee, per hour. Yet Amazon, a nearly $6 billion behemoth of a corporation is pulling out the stops to keep this this bill from passing. Seattle declared a homelessness state of emergency in 2015, but unchecked real estate speculation keeps pushing rents up, and pushing people, especially people of color, out. Between 2015 and 2017, the rate of homelessness in the city grew by 44 percent. African Americans and Native Americans have the highest rates of homelessness in the city. Six percent of Seattle...