Anthony David

Anthony David is co-author, with Sari Nusseibeh, of Once Upon a Country, and is co-author of the forthcoming Lamentations of Youth: The Diaries of Gershom Scholem.

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The Apprentice

From our June print issue: Scooter Libby was a nice liberal boy until he met Paul Wolfowitz -- who'd been a nice liberal boy till he met Albert Wohlstetter. A brief history of apocalyptic neoconservatism.

"The amazing thing is that we are being taken over basically by a cult, eight or nine neo-conservatives." -- Seymour Hersh In the days after Patrick Fitzgerald read out his indictments of perjury and obstruction of justice against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby a year and a half ago, what drew my attention most was something an old friend of Libby's said about him to a reporter: that the vice-presidential aide's aim in life had always been to remain "so opaque you can't tell he is there." The strategy worked: Despite the central role Libby had in making the case for war in Iraq -- the spy novelist John le Carré called the operation Libby ran out of Dick Cheney's office "one of the great public-relations conjuring tricks of history" -- in October 2005, no one knew much about him. More than a year later, I sat in a federal courtroom in Washington, D.C., and watched as Fitzgerald removed layer after layer of the man's opacity. Why, I asked myself throughout the day, would a smart lawyer...