Anu Roy-Chaudhury & Marcia Brown

Anu Roy-Chaudhury is an editorial intern and Marcia Brown is a writing fellow at The American Prospect

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Choice Requires Access: Abortion and the Democratic Debate

Julián Castro’s remark on reproductive justice has the potential to change the way Democrats talk about access to health care.

agenda_2020.jpg The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates agree that a woman’s right to reproductive health care, including abortion, is a no-brainer. But without policies that make access to reproductive care possible, that belief does little. Few candidates mentioned reproductive freedom and choice at last week’s debates, when speaking about their health care plans. On the second night the discussion was brief, with only Senators Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand speaking about access to reproductive health care. But the night prior, former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro made his progressive position known. “I don’t believe in just reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice,” he said. Castro’s use of reproductive justice addresses an issue progressive advocates have long sought to make mainstream: Abortion and women’s reproductive health care is about access to that care as much as it is about the legality of that...