Aswini Anburajan

Aswini Anburajan is a writer for Feet in 2 Worlds, an ethnic media reporting project supported by the Center for New York City Affairs at the New School.

Recent Articles

Old and White, Young and Brown

The NYT has an article today on a census study by the Brookings Institute that shows that the number of white children in the United States, currently a majority, is declining faster than expected and expected to drop into a minority over the next decade.

Double-Dipping Pols

Wall Street Journal holds New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's feet to the fire in an article today on double-dipping state politicians. In New Jersey, state officials have been simultaneously drawing their pensions and salaries at the same time. For example, the Essex County Executive Joe DiVencenzo is retired and receives a pension of $68,862 in addition to his salary of $153,207. Mr. Christie has been quick to publicly go after people who cross him—by name. He criticized Lee Seitz, superintendent of the Parsippany-Troy Hills school district, and the Parsippany school board for inking a contract that exceeded Mr. Christie's proposed pay caps. He called Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver a liar and bashed executives at the state's largest teachers union for half-million-dollar paydays. But he's been more reserved in his personal criticism of people who are allies, helping him move forward with changes to the state's education, taxation, and pension and benefits systems...

There's No Winning on This Issue

Bloomberg reports that the White House reached out to congressmen who are supposed to attend a rally in support of stopping deportations of undocumented immigrants who have children that are legal residents. The issue first came up in a town hall organized by Univision, where President Obama was asked if he could use executive orders to stop deportations. Several members of Congress who were scheduled to attend a March 31 news conference on the issue said administration officials contacted them to voice concern about their participation. Until U.S. immigration law is overhauled, the lawmakers say, Obama should use his executive power to protect families facing deportation or separation because at least one parent is an illegal immigrant. “The staffers that are attached to us, the liaisons, they transmitted some concern,” said Representative Mike Honda of California, a former chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, referring to the White House...

Immigration Reform to Ease Our Budget Woes

The budget deficit is one more reason why I think we should be doing something on immigration. There are 12 million people in this country without documentation. A portion of them are already paying taxes, but imagine if all of them did? There are 65,000 undocumented kids a year graduating from high school without a means to work and contribute to the economy.

Fighting Disease Can't Happen Without Proper Funds

Mother Jones has a disturbing article on condom re-use in Kenya. The author argues that sexual health campaigns are working, but the problem is that getting access to condoms are difficult. The author raises the point that cuts to global sex-education programs proposed by the GOP will only add to this crisis, making it even harder for strapped clinics to provide the proper prophylactics to an HIV-positive population. But I want to use this article as a news peg to raise another point about necessary funds for proper medical treatment and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Medical journals have repeatedly stressed that the widespread incidence of HIV and Hepatitis in sub-Saharan Africa had its catalyst in improper medical hygiene procedures -- mainly the reuse of needles during immunizations or other health check-ups.