Ben Brandzel

Ben Brandzel was the advocacy director of from 2004 through 2007, and the director of online engagement for the John Edwards campaign. He now works independently to support new-wave-progressive organizing around the world (including a recent stint with

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Where Do We Move When America MovesOn?

Victory could pose an existential challenge for the grass-roots groups that arose in opposition to Bush. A veteran examines the challenge and its opportunities.

If Barack Obama wins the presidency in November, the United States will officially enter a new political era. We'll finally have a president who, like most Americans, opposes the "dumb" decision to invade Iraq, unapologetically insists on universal health care, and calls global warming "one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation." The climate of fear will give way to hope and a real opportunity to move the country forward. This transformation is what so many of us have been fighting for over the last 10 years of Gingrich-Bush-Rove-dominated politics. But, ironically, a brand-new context could pose an existential challenge for the independent grass-roots forces that helped to get us here. Groups like that were born and bred in an era of opposition will have to act fast to avoid a weakening of outsider progressive pressure just when we need it the most. *** Like many in my generation, I came to political consciousness wondering what our government was thinking. I...