Ben Spielberg

Ben Spielberg is a research associate with the CBPP, where he manages its Full Employment Project.

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Below the Minimum No More

The Democrats’ new $15 minimum wage bill also phases out sub-minimum wages for millions of Americans.

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trickle-downers_35.jpg This week, a majority of the Democrats in both the House and Senate introduced a long-awaited bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024. While most coverage of this bill will likely focus on whether $15 by 2024 is too ambitious a target (as Jared Bernstein and I explained in the Prospect last month, it's not), there’s a less-discussed aspect of the bill that deserves considerable attention as well: its elimination of “sub-minimum” wages for various groups of workers. Establishing one minimum wage for everyone would help those workers whom past minimum wage increases have left behind. It would also break with the pattern of reinforcing anti-worker myths about the economy. That sub-minimum wages exist isn’t all that commonly known, but the one you’re most likely to have heard of is for tipped workers—people who, for example, wait your tables when you go out to eat, drive you around in taxis, cut your hair,...