Catherine Clinton

Catherine Clinton is the
author of Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom and The Plantation Mistress.

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A Separate Peace

Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, by David W. Blight. Harvard University Press, 512 pages, $29.95. In the summer of 1913, President Woodrow Wilson was planning to vacation in New England and skip Civil War reunion festivities scheduled at Gettysburg, an event marking 50 years since the end of the war. Stern warnings by congressional advisers convinced him he had better put in an appearance at what was being called the Peace Jubilee. So Wilson arrived to find the small Pennsylvania town brimming with nearly 50,000 veterans. The soft-spoken president, who as a native Virginian was the first southerner elected to the White House since the war years, rose to the occasion with a conciliatory oration, calling the war a "quarrel forgotten." He even went so far as to suggest that it was an "impertinence to discourse upon how the battle ... ended." In his speech to the appreciative throng, which was made up almost entirely of whites, Wilson mentioned the word "race" only once...