Chalmers Johnson

Chalmers Johnson is president of the Japan Policy Research Institute and author of more than a dozen books about East Asia, including Japan: Who Governs?

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Breaching the Great Wall

China's neomercantalism harms America's economic interests. A mutually beneficial relationship will take more assertive trade policies.

Illustration by Bob Dahm "Breaching the Great Wall" is adapted from a Japan Policy Research Institute working paper by Chalmers Johnson entitled " Nationalism and the Market: China as a Superpower. " F ew nations loom larger on the global economic radar screen than China. In 1993 the World Bank estimated that China had the world's third largest economy but was the fastest growing of them all. The Central Intelligence Agency, which already considers China's economy to be the world's second largest, estimates the Chinese will surpass the United States in total GDP well before 2020, the target date for the Pacific free trade zone promised at the Seattle, Bogor, and Osaka summit meetings of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. One analyst calculates that by 2020 China's economy will be 40 percent larger than ours and that four of the world's five largest economies—China, Japan, India, and Indonesia—will be in Asia. see related resources below Given China's size and population we should of...