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Chandra R. Thomas is an award-winning Atlanta-based journalist whose work has appeared in Essence, Ebony, Newsweek, People, Upscale, Heart & Soul, and Atlanta magazines, as well as on

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Housing New Orleans: Still a Work in Progress

Far too many people are still without decent affordable homes, and hidden vulnerable groups like the mentally ill have been hit hardest of all.

Some three and a half years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the city known as "The Big Easy," it has been anything but easy for thousands of displaced New Orleans?area residents to find housing. Many have been forced onto the streets or into temporary and long-term shelters, largely due to bureaucratic delays and inadequate government-assistance programs. A New Orleans housing report released in August 2008 by PolicyLink, an Oakland, California?based national research institute dedicated to advancing economic and social equity, indicated that the ranks of homeless residents doubled across affected South Louisiana parishes, with the New Orleans metro area homeless population alone reaching 12,000 residents. Thousands of others are living elsewhere, unable to return due to high rents, housing shortages, and delays in funding for rebuilding. Many who have made it back languish in substandard, crowded conditions. "Families are doubled up and tripled up in houses and apartments,...