Corey Robin

Corey Robin is an assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College (CUNY).

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Benito Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani was in trouble. New Yorkers were up in arms over police brutality against African Americans and heartless government policies against the homeless. And the mayor made an ass of himself with his intolerant stance toward the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It appeared his grip on the city was slipping. But then, in November, Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) entered into contract negotiations with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Suddenly the mayor's future brightened. As negotiations careened perilously toward a December 15 deadline, the city braced for a strike. Government officials organized emergency backup plans. The MTA reminded the union that New York's Taylor Law prohibited public employees from striking. Commuters organized car pools. Sensing a golden political opportunity to, in the words of his chief lawyer, "save the people of the city ... from a wide-ranging catastrophe," Giuliani had Michael Pesce, a state administrative law judge, issue...