Courtney Young

Courtney Young is a writer and the founder of Think Young Media Group. She resides in both New York City and Southwest Louisiana. She tweets at @cocacy and @thinkyoungmedia.

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Why the Legacy of Katrina on New Orleans Is Different From Disasters That Befell Other Cities

Nine years after the storm, why is it that divine retribution remains in the discussion when considering Katrina?

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)
How to remember Hurricane Katrina? I consider this each year as the anniversary approaches. I assume it’s something that most people do when the anniversary of a traumatic event draws near. New Orleans is not my hometown; I grew up two hours northwest from it in Louisiana’s fourth largest city, Lafayette . The day before Katrina reached land, my sister, who was in law school at Loyola University, called me (I was living in New York at the time) and said she was driving home. Everything from news to gossip portended the same: that Katrina was a beast and everyone should get out, or, at the very least, find adequate shelter. She fit as much from her apartment into her car as was humanly possible, boarded up her windows as best she could and called me before she hit the road. Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, hurricane season is a part of life, the worst up until that point for me being Hurricane Andrew. The damage my family personally suffered was minimal. I remember...